In order to solve als, or cure als, if you will, one can be well served by understanding how and why the problem called als happens. So here I have outlined the basic process of als creation. That is followed by information on how to solve als, or heal naturally, which is the only way to really heal.

I use the expression “solve als” rather than “cure als” or “treat als” because solving seems to most accurately capture the nature of the task at hand. The expression “cure als” seems to imply that in a way everything is fine, we just need to get rid of certain symptoms. In fact what is called als could more accurately be seen as itself a symptom of underlying issues.

The truth is that when als type neurodegeneration occurs there is a whole picture to the situation. So what is being dealt with is a multifaceted problem that needs to be solved by addressing multiple issues, a task that is not accurately depicted by the expressions “cure als” or “treat als” and cannot be accomplished via the use of what might be termed a magic bullet cure for als.

So, while I did not called this ALS Explained and Cured, for all those looking for a “cure” for als, the information presented here does fulfill their objectives, and actually goes beyond that by being applicable to addressing all the issues surrounding the nerve health problems they are experiencing.

Many have said that finding a way to “cure als” would probably generate additional benefits by lighting the pathway to solving other health problems. This idea is correct in a way in that the herein outlined conceptual framework underlying this solution to the specific syndrome, als, is applicable to solving all forms of disease. In other words, while there are many types of disease, there is basically one way to attain and maintain health.

I plan to edit this and improve it over time. At the moment it mostly focuses on the mind body aspect of als, which is not all bad, in that that is the least understood aspect. Still, I’ll probably round it out with other basic stuff regarding nutrition and so called toxins and stuff.

In any case it’s clearly time to stop repeating that no known cause, no cure for als thing. The way als is created is understood by many and the way to solve als is available and is being successfully applied more all the time.

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  1. Have you ever had ALS? Are you speaking from personal experience? or just about dis-ease in general?

    • Hi Lynn.

      I have not personally experienced anything that would be “diagnosed” as “ALS.”

      I have however done years of research into the underlying causes of health problems in general and into how ALS works in particular. Some of my information comes from what I have learned as I have worked with dozens of people who have experienced various forms of motor neuron health issues and most of whom have been told that they “have ALS”. Everything in this explanation matches what I have seen in working on those cases. In addition I have talked with around a thousand people diagnosed with ALS and have learned much from them. I have also read about more cases and have had in depth discussions with others doing similar work. Of particular relevance is the work of Gabor Mate, Steven Shackel, Craig Oster, Evy McDonald and Eric Edney.

      For some more ideas and to find out about cases of people applying what I have explained here and healing, see my blog at http://healingchronicles.com. Another site you could check out is http://healingals.org.

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